Pregnant Women Do Not Worry, Here There Natural Childbirth Tips

Pregnant Women Do Not Worry, Here There Childbirth Tips Naturally - Procession childbirth is a period that anticipated every mother, let alone get a child is the dream of many couples after marriage. For those of you who want to live a normal vaginal delivery, it does not hurt to learn a variety of normal childbirth tips.

Natural Childbirth that are discussed in this article is to give birth vaginally. Which still needs to be considered is the normal delivery can only be performed on pregnant women who do not currently have certain health problems who are at risk to the sustainability of the health of the mother and fetus.

Pregnant Women Do Not Worry, Here There Natural Childbirth Tips

Pregnant women need to understand that a normal birth does not always do. In some circumstances, the procedures of cesarean section or cesarean section is required. Mothers who experience a mismatch between the fetal head and the mother's pelvis (cephalopelvic disproportion), dysfunction of the uterus and placenta are under the uterus (placenta previa), are some circumstances where indicated pregnant women to give birth by caesarean section. Similarly, the state of a very large fetus, the fetus would be born crosswise at the time, as well as the state of fetal distress.

If you do not experience things norrmal blocking to give birth, the following tips you can do to prepare. (7 Ways To Overcome Back Pain When Pregnant)

Think Mature

Childbirth, whether normal or caesarian, has advantages and disadvantages of each. If you want a vaginal birth, planned since the beginning. Prepare yourself mentally to get the support and careful planning.

As a contributing factor, there are a few things to note are:

Make sure you do not experience abnormal pregnancy

The health condition of the mother and fetus should be a primary consideration when selecting a normal delivery. Make sure you do not experience pregnancy abnormalities that have been mentioned previously. To determine the presence or absence of abnormality in pregnancy, try to see a doctor regularly to monitor the health of the mengantisipiasi possibility of complications.

Make yourself stay motivated to normal childbirth

Natural childbirth requires strong motivation. Make yourself stay motivated to keep in mind that many of the advantages of a normal delivery. Those advantages, among others, you will tend to recover faster postpartum, avoid stress due to the effects of surgery, physical intervention, as well as the influence of drugs. Additionally, you can not be too stricken with anxiety, confusion, and pain.

understand the risks

The risk of experiencing complications in childbirth carried out normally remain. Abnormal fetal position, mothers who are not accompanied by experts, as well as the preparation of medical equipment supplies inadequate as a precaution in case of an emergency, are some risk factors for complications of childbirth. Complications include elongated delivery (not forward), umbilical cord prolapse (prolapse), and the baby's umbilical cord entwined.

It is sometimes necessary medical action

Tips for normal delivery next adalaha how you have to understand that sometimes the vaginal delivery process also requires action regardless Medisa previously been prepared carefully. Medical action on normal delivery is usually done, for example induction.

Determine Hospital Birth Place

After deciding to give birth naturally, natural childbirth tips next is to choose a hospital. The considerations required in choosing a hospital, among other things:

Choosing the right hospital

Learn first hospital you want. Make sure the hospital has enough trained medical personnel and medical equipment are complete. Choose a hospital that supports you in normal delivery. If these conditions are met, you are at risk in a normal delivery can still try this method. By choosing the right hospital, if there is an emergency situation, your condition can be quickly handled.

Find information around your area

It never hurts to look for information maternity hospitals around the area where you live. Maternity house near it would be easier for you if at any time it comes time to give birth. Until then, find information about the facilities provided for normal childbirth. The facility should be accompanied by adequate beds for mothers and babies, the medical equipment to anticipate emergency situations, as well as insufficient medical personnel to assist childbirth.

Preparing for Childbirth Generally of Everything Normal

In preparing for a normal delivery process, you can start the following steps:

Selecting experts

Make sure you are handled by a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, and midwives who have been certified. These experts will help you during labor and will be quick to act when needed. If you are a woman who has aged above 35 years old or suffer from diabetes, be sure to choose a bore contained perinatologist personnel for childbirth.

ask for support

Ask for support from people nearby, such as husbands or other family members. They will constantly remind you to give birth normally. So even at the time of your birth later, they are also encouraging until you actually complete delivery.

Preparing Physical and Mental

Tips natural childbirth is related to physical and mental readiness. When birth later, you need not only physical specimen, but also mentally strong. In preparing the physical and mental strength, you can do the following things:

Discuss with others

You can discuss with people who have never experienced it. With discussion, you can get an idea of ​​the process of giving birth this way. Convey also your feelings, such as anxiety or fear. Usually if these feelings have been delivered, you can feel calmer in the face of labor.

Take a pregnancy exercise class

In pregnancy exercise class, you will practice breathing. This breathing exercise serves as a means of relaxation and will reduce the pain at the time of a normal delivery. In this class you will also be taught breathing techniques either at birth later.


When the time of delivery is almost here, you will experience a contraction. At this time, get a massage is likely to make you feel more calm and pain can be distracted by the comfort during a massage. Have a spouse or other family members to massage you.

Preparing for battle

At the time of a normal delivery, you will feel the pain and pressures. The pain is felt will resemble curiosity defecation. You will need to employ to encourage the baby to the birth canal. Meanwhile, pressure occur because the baby helped push towards the bottom.

Tips for your own natural childbirth. Now, you can begin to prepare for this amazing process.

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